ICONIC Brazil’s largest Sep lube supplier

ICONIC boosts industrial oil sales
ICONIC Brazil’s largest Sep lube supplier

ICONIC Lubricants was Brazil’s largest lube supplier in September for the seventh time in eight months as it boosted its sales even as the country’s total consumption fell.

The joint-venture between Ipiranga and Chevron boosted its share of the country’s lube sales to more than 27pc of the total, according to IBP.

The share was up from less than 25pc in August and the highest since the mid-2021.


Its market share rose amid a rise in industrial lubricant sales in September to a four-month high. The trend lifted its share of industrial lube sales to almost 32pc of the total, up from less than 29pc in August.

Brazil’s industrial lubricants sales fell in August along with heavy-duty engine oils (HDEO) and passenger car motor oils (PCMO).

But the 8pc fall in industrial oils consumption was slower than the 15pc drop in HDEO sales and the 10pc fall in PCMO sales.

The drop in consumption cut Brazil’s total lube demand by 8pc in September to a seven-month low of less than 84,000mᶟ.

Vibra Energia was Brazil’s second-largest lubricants supplier for a second month, with a market share of close to 20pc of the total. The share was down from almost 21pc in August.

Its market share edged lower in response to a drop in sales of industrial lubricants. Its share of the engine oils markets fell less steeply.

Lubricants producer and distributor Moove remained the country’s third-largest lube supplier even as its market share of less than 20pc fell to a six-month low.

Moove’s market share fell even as it boosted its sales of industrial oils. But its sales of engine oils and transformer oils fell in September from the previous month.

Raizen, a joint venture between Cosan and Shell, and TotalEnergies saw their market share fall in September from the previous month.

Petronas, Castrol and YPF’s lube market share rose in September from the previous month.

ICONIC Brazil’s largest Sep lube supplier
ICONIC Brazil’s largest Aug lube supplier

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