About Us

Baseoilnews.com was founded by Iain Pocock in 2022.

Iain has more than twenty years’ experience as a journalist at Bloomberg, Reuters and Argus Media. He specialises in coverage of illiquid energy markets.

These require the development of additional tools and cross-checks to ensure the accuracy of market information.

Iain has lived and worked in Singapore since 2007 and launched the Argus Base Oils report in 2010.

He spent the following twelve years leading and expanding Argus’ base oils market coverage with a global team of reporters.

The report achieved the rare feat of securing the price benchmark for various base oils products in US, Europe, Mideast Gulf and Asia-Pacific.

It achieved that feat by maximising price visibility in an illiquid market to produce accurate price assessments.

The report boosted price visibility through its global perspective, its focus on the interlink between market activities and prices in different regions, and its use of timely fundamentals data.

Iain has been a speaker at base oils events in US, Europe, Singapore, Japan, and China, where he presented in Chinese.

Before launching Argus Base Oils, Iain launched Argus Media’s Asia-Pacific biofuels coverage. The challenge was again to produce an accurate price assessment in an illiquid market.

Before moving to Singapore, Iain covered crude oil, diesel and fuel oil markets at Reuters in London.

Iain’s main focus at Bloomberg in Taiwan was on coverage of the technology markets and economics.

Iain has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from Cambridge University, where he studied Chinese and Japanese.

Before studying at Cambridge, he spent several years living in Wuhan, China, where he studied Chinese.

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