ICIS announces 18th Pan American Base Oils/Lubricants Conference

ICIS announces 18th Pan American Base Oils/Lubricants Conference

July 9, 2024 - ICIS announces the 18th ICIS Pan American Base Oils and Lubricants Conference, scheduled for December 5-6 in Jersey City.

This premier event will gather leaders from across the base oils and lubricants sector to explore pivotal issues and promote invaluable networking opportunities.

Against a backdrop of dynamic political and regulatory landscapes, discussions will delve into critical themes including the future of US gas and oil markets, the evolving landscape of sustainability initiatives, and the opportunities for new investment across Latin America.

Attendees will participate in in-depth sessions highlighting the latest advancements in re-refined base oils, with a focus on cutting-edge hydrotreating and hydrocracking technologies that are not only setting new benchmarks in quality but also gaining widespread adoption among OEMs.

Insights into the anticipated GF-7 regulatory updates will provide strategic perspectives on their transformative influence across the automotive sector in the Americas and beyond.

The conference is set to feature a robust networking environment, attracting industry pioneers, producers, blenders, additives companies, traders, and end-users.

Already confirmed are leading companies such as Afton Chemical, COPEC, ENEOS, Huntsman Corporation, MIDCHEM, Penthol, and many more, facilitating unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and business development.

The conference is also proudly supported by prominent sponsors Chevron Base Oils, Chevron Oronite, Ergon and ExxonMobil, who demonstrate their commitment to advancing the industry and innovation.

Their sponsorship highlights the event’s significance in shaping the future of the base oils and lubricants sector across the Americas.

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