Turkey's April Grp I base oil imports fall

Turkey's April Grp I base oil imports fall
Photo by Erim Kutlukan on Unsplash

Turkey’s Group I base oils imports fell to a three-month low in April after domestic supply surged the previous month.

Supplies from Europe accounted for a growing share of the imports.

Total imports of 26,350t in April fell from 42,000t the previous month, government data showed.

Unusually-high March imports and a resumption of domestic base oils production boosted Turkey’s total Group I supply to more than 54,000t that month. The volume was the highest since end-2017.

Imports from Europe fell below 19,000t in April, from more than 28,000t the previous month. They still accounted for close to 70pc of Turkey’s total imports for a third month.

Imports from Russia fell in April to an eleven-month low of 5,220t. Their share of Turkey’s imports fell to less than 20pc of the total for the first time since May 2022.

Turkey's April Grp I base oil imports fall
Turkey’s March base oils output rebounds

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