Latin America’s April auto sales stall

Latin America’s April auto sales stall
Photo by Agustin Lautaro on Unsplash

Latin America’s automobile sales rose in April at their slowest pace in ten months, mirroring a slowdown in lube consumption in markets like Brazil.

Auto sales of 352,990 in April rose by 3pc from year-earlier levels, combined data from eight regional automobile associations showed.

The rise in sales slowed from more than 20pc growth the previous month.

Sales typically slow in the month of April from March.

The pace of the 21pc fall in sales from March was much larger than usual.

Sales growth slowed amid a 39pc drop in automobile sales in Chile from year-earlier levels and a 33pc fall in sales in Colombia.

Auto sales rose in Mexico for a third month. But the 3pc increase in sales slowed from 49pc growth the previous month.

Latin America’s April auto sales stall
Brazil’s April lube demand falls

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